Program Overview

BTST Cares is a nonprofit program developed to further assist our clients and impact our communities outside of traditional mental health services. BTST Cares focuses to improve our clients living conditions and access to resources they may not have had otherwise. We use our company’s surplus resources to continue our mission of stimulating and strengthening the local communities. BTST works to improve our client’s living conditions by selecting and sponsoring a family each month that has been nominated by one of our counselors, and then providing them with needed household items, such as groceries, toiletries, etc. Along with purchasing necessities, BTST also provides the sponsored families with gift cards to participate in family activities such as dinner at local restaurants and movies to enjoy an evening out on the town, away from daily stressors to interact and bond with one other.

In addition, BTST Cares also hosts quarterly “give back” events within the communities. BTST Cares donated over 30 cases of bottled water to Flint, Michigan to contribute to their contamination crisis. BTST Cares also helped to cleanup, and rebuild some of the communities that were affected by the riots after the death of Freddie Gray. We have an annual Back-to-School drive, which is also a cookout for all of our clients and their families where we give them all school supplies for the upcoming academic year. A few other events have included a Winter Coat Drive and a Holiday Toy Drive.   BTST Cares also organize and participates in community outreach activities each month such as preparing meals and feeding the homeless. In addition BTST Cares coordinates several trips every year for low income students to plays, Opera performances, and museums in order to assist in cultural awareness and help to expose them to new and different activities. It is the goal of BTST Cares to not only make life better for the individuals we service but to improve the communities within our reach.